Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lots of Stash and some stitching

OK, so I went a little crazy with the stash this week. But it was really about three weeks of purchases that all caught up with me at my new place at once.

First this group of goodies from Stitching Bit and Bobs and the two missing magazines I found on eBay. It includes the final part of Margaret Cottam, All four parts of of Libertyville (because they were on sale), A Little love by L*K, plus her Flora McSample 2011 ornaments, and Tis Better from La-D-Da, which will be my next fun little one to start. It is just to cute.

And... then there was this bunch that I got from Silver Needle.

The DVD is to help me with a couple of kits I have from Teresa Layman. I have had her class but needed a refresher course to get me going again. Boughs of Holly is a Christmas wantabe but we'll see. The travel guide for my road trips from here to various retreats. Then you may see something familiar, another Flora McSample 2011 ornaments pattern. Yes, I bought it twice, so if any of you would like it just shoot me an email and I will pass it on. You know you like it when you buy it twice.

OK, now for the stitching progress. I warn you thinks were crazy at work this week so very little stitching was done between Monday and Friday.
First up is First Bass,
the picture is from Friday nights progress so I have a little more in this already, maybe a finish by next weekend.

The other project is Old Crow which I had a little trouble with because I was missing one thread color. Yes it is just DMC but I looked everywhere and didn't have 3787. So off to Hobby Lobby I went, but the bin for that color was empty.
But how do you leave Hoppy Lobby without anything, so I hit the clearance shelf, which means more stash, no projects in mind, just possible finishing things. For $5 I consider it a bargain.

The tassels are brown and cream and that fabric just jumped out at me, I may have to find a St Patties day project to use it on.

After all that running around and a second Hobby Lobby I found the 3787 and the Old Crow continued some. (..and two baskets came home with me from the second store too).

That's all for today. I haven't stitched any this week on the Victorian Skaters so I will try to squeeze that in this evening. First I have to go find a new desk chair, as my other one died in the move and this chair I am using just doesn't work. I want one that will double as a stitching chair, of course.

I tried to catch up on most of the blog reading and posting before I started this post but if I missed you then, congrats on the finish, good progress, feel better or nice to hear from you, whichever applies. I'll catch you next time.

CJ in OK ;-)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Saturday Stitch Day

Let's call yesterday "Stitch Day" because I was either stitching or doing something related to my stitching most of the day. Now I will admit I got a late start, I mean it was Saturday, but I made up for it by staying up late.

I'll start by showing you the progress I made on The Old Crow design from La-D-Da. Have I mentioned this is stitched on a Weeks Dye Works linen, that I just love? It's so soft and easy to stitch with. I am using the DMC colors rather than the Needlepoint Inc silks (NPIs) that it called for. After I got this started Mary Janes, the online shop, announces they will now be carrying NPIs. Not to be for this project, but I am glad to now have a place to purchase these great silk threads.

Back to my progress

This picture isn't zoomed in very well but you can click on any of the photos for a better look. I hope to finish out the branch and the border across the top today and have an update on Monday or Tuesday.

And..since I did finish that Graduation Day project I thought I would start something new. Then I had second thoughts, because all thoses old UFO's are still calling to be worked on. So I pulled out Victorian Winter another project started about three years ago. It's from a Cross Stitcher magazine (Feb 2009) and was designed by Lettie Eckberg. A friend had given me a big "wad" of this overdyed bluish burgundy color silk thread from a large hank someone had passed on to her and I had the blue/gray overdyed linen laying around, from who knows where, and a project was born. Here is my progress as of yesterday.

It was nice to stitch on this again and I bounced back and forth between this and The Old Crow for a while.

When I stopped for little stitching break (aka a nap), I ended up not resting, but instead looking through some old stitching magazines and came across this.

A series published by Just Cross Stitch in 2011, designed by Sally Hesketh. But after going through all the magazines, I realized I only had 2 of the 4 issues from 2011 to complete the series. So off to eBay I went, to search for the missing issues. Only one auction had what I needed, except, that I would have to buy all 6 issues from that year to get the 2 I needed. After a few emails back and forth with the seller, she agreed to sell me just the two I needed for half of her beginning auction price on the others. Good for me and probably good for her too. These should be on their way to me this week.

I will still need fabric and threads pulled together for this band sampler but I hope to start it in time for the April retreat with my friends as the top section is spring. We'll see.

OK, one more thing. Last night I got tired of the skaters and the Old Crow wasn't speaking to me, but there was this new project with fabric and threads all ready to start (I had taken it to retreat last fall and never touched it), and I think I could actually hear it calling out to be stitched.

I couldn't resist so here is my new start on Ink Circle's First Bass.

A family friend will get his degree in music this spring and he happens to play the bass violin, you know that great big giant thing with strings. I got to attend his senior reciltal and he was great. Since he's known me for a while (he was 9 or 10 when we moved here), he won't mind getting a stitched piece as a gift, and I think it will be pretty in a frame with a couple of mats to dress it up. He can always hang it in his music room - aka the extra bedroom needed to house that big giant stringed thing.

Well that's all for today, so back to stitching, although I may have to pause for some housework today.

CJ in OK ;-)

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Graduation Day

Well it's not actually a Graduation Day, but the project I was working on was called 'Graduation Day'. Note I say "was" because I am done. Whoo Hoo!

Graduation Day
designed by Pam Waters
stitched on 28ct Natural linen
with DMC thread

It's not quite as fun to look at as the 'Men of Baltimore' was, but I still enjoyed stitching this vine border. Making all the twists and turn and still getting it to match up in the end was so rewarding, I practically lept out of my chair. My DS actually said he liked it, now that's amazing.

The only other stitching I have done is on the Old Crow, and it really wasn't enough progress to warrant another picture. Maybe by the weekend I can get in some serious stitching time. It is supposed to be cold and dreary with a chance for snow. Perfect stitching weather.

Although Saturday night is the Knit In at Gourmet Yarn and I may hang out there, to finish up a knitting project have that doesn't get touched at home. Who can knit when the stitching projects keep calling out?

I worked out my ordering snafu with the Silver Needle, so that order is on the way. I also emailed in an order to Shakespeare's Peddler and ordered online with Stitching Bits and Bobs. So lots of stash pictures are in the near future. I did end up ordering two of one design, which I will share with anyone that may want it later.

FYI, some of this pending stash will be little gifties for a few stitching friends so I will keep them hidden for a bit.

Happy Stitching.
CJ in OK ;-)

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The MEN are Done

That's right. The Men of Baltimore are done, well at least as it refers to this stitched piece designed by CherryWood Design Studios. It was such a fun stitch and really went fast even for me. I admit that you really have to focus on the orange noses to see the snowmen in the middle.

Men of Baltimore
Cherry Wood Design Studios
stitched on 28 ct gingham
with Weeks Dye Work threads

I am thinking possibly a a box finish could be cute for this one, but I am up for suggestions.

Of course a finish means I can start something new. Ok, I may be disregarding the 20 - 40 WIPs I already have, but no matter.

This new one I purchased back in October along with the fabric. It's a La-D-Da design called Old Crow. I pulled the DMC threads given instead of the NPI silks to give it a more primitive look. That was done at Christmas as I planned to get started on it between the holidays, but never did.

Instead, today was the day, and if I hadn't been on my lunch break the crow would be much farther along.

FYI, don't you just love the Q-Snap wrap. A friend of mine makes these and I love the fabrics she picks.

I will try to make a little more progress and post another update in a day or two. I still have that green vine to finish up on the other piece, so it may be Friday before I have enough to show off.

Between stitching and work I have been enjoying all the blogs I've missed reading for so long. So many talented people with interesting ideas and beautiful projects.

Happy Stitching,
CJ in OK ;-)

Sunday, February 05, 2012

A Golden Oldie

I was rummaging around looking for something  - FYI, I recently moved so I am still trying to organize and find everything  - and I came across this old, I mean 1984 old, design that I started stitching a few years ago. I still liked the saying and thought the border would be fun to stitch, plus the green works with the decor and I could really use something new to add to the walls in my new place.

It was designed by Pam Waters under the name Country Crafts and called Graduation Gift, although I am sure it is no longer available anywhere. I'd be happy to send it to someone after I am done stitching, just let me know.
 I had the words mostly done when I found it, so I finished up the saying and was able to make some real headway on the border, with only a few minutes here and there over the last two days to stitch.

Also in the mix right now is a design called Men of Baltimore from Cherry Wood Design Studios. It was a free pattern I saw stitched somewhere and I picked up the precut fabric. It's been fun and fast to work on with the Smyrna stitches and checked fabric. The four white blobs will be snowmen looking up as soon as I stitch on their orange noses, hence the name Men if Baltimore. I actually thought it was some kind of patriotic (red, white and blue) design when I first saw it.

Anyone who happens to read my blog, please let me know what type of finish you think would work for this.

The only other pic I had to share is a finish I had back in October of 2011. I finished stitching it while at a little local retreat we call "Just for Fun". Several friends from a few neighboring states drive in and we get a local hotel to provide a meeting room in exchange for the 5 to 10 rooms we take up. Then we stitch, and catch up, along with shopping and eating out for a few days.

I just popped the piece in the frame I intend to use, but I haven't mounted this yet (it won't be that crooked later, I hope). This piece was hung on our wall of honor at the retreat. It's a privilege we award to any stitched piece that is finished during our weekend together, and since I am a slow stitcher and a fast talker, I rarely add anything to the wall.  Maybe I will actually get it framed before we meet again in April.

Off to stitch this afternoon and evening while all the super bowl hub bub is going on. I already did my cross stitch sale shopping first thing this morning. A couple of new Lizzie Kate designs and part three of a La-D-Da series that just finished up. I even snagged, on clearance, a Raise the Roof collaboration with Crescent Colours called Libertyville. The stash is always in flux, I will either have to finish a few more projects, or get rid of some more of the older stash items.

Happy Stitching,
CJ in OK ;-)

Friday, February 03, 2012


Well I thought I would try this again. It's probably been a few years since I posted a blog entry so I may be a little rusty. But I want to share what I am stitching even though it is slow progress these days. I remember these post kept me inspired and on track with big projects.

Of course the best part is all the fellow bloggers with like interests that I was connected to. So here's hoping they are still around. But no more babbling, let's get to the heart of the issue here.


My hobby - craft - art - therapy - obsession.

Here is my latest finish, a counted canvas piece, and I can't even remember who the designer is. I picked up this complete kit even the frame while I was at the Celebration of Needlework in St Louis back in September. It was a fun piece to stitch, not very big so it went quickly. One Caron Watercolours thread and two solid DMC perles on the tan canvas, what could be easier. One day I will share some of the class projects from Celebration it was amazing. This was finished over the Christmas holidays.

FYI, this was one of my first pictures from my new little Nikon Coolpix that my son gave me for Christmas. I am still learning to use it so hopefully the pictures will improve with time.

I will post more tomorrow.

CJ in OK ;-)