Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Stitching away from home

That's right, I have so much to tell you and show you that I am going to have 2 postings today.

First I will start with last weeks stitching trip. Six of us met in Tulsa to spend a few days stitching and shopping. Although a little chilly on our first day there the rest of the weekend was beautiful.
Below is just a few of the things that we had going.

Linda worked on a second Christmas stocking for her Grandson. Here they both are, although the pic isn't very detailed these stockings really are.

Elaine brought this fun piece she had just finished, but I didn't catch who the designer was. She spent most of her time on a beautiful Art Stitch design.

Elaine worked on this Cedar Hill design as well as a Nancy's Needle counted thread piece that was just amazing.

Wanda and Rebecca were both diligent stitchers but I wasn't so diligent about my picture taking so I didn't get their things photographed. Wanda was working on a large Deb Bee's counted thread design on a bright yellow canvas. Rebecca, stitched a fun halloween cat design that she came very close to finishing. It was on this great purple overdyed linen.

So what did I do you ask? Well nothing nearly as dramatic as the others but I did have a couple of finishes.

Firstly, I finished up the Friends piece from Jeannette Douglas designs.

I even purchased a frame for this while out shopping. Secondly was the Woman's work design from Valentine Stitchery that I got a small start on before I got there. It fits into a premade frame that holds a note pad saying "...is never done"

This one gave me a little trouble when it didn't match up at the bottom, but Wanda spotted my error quickly and I was able to unstitch and get it right. In fact the blasted frog hit all of us at some point in the weekend, some more than once. It had to be the frog not all the talking and stash sharing that was going on.

Oh wait, there is a thirdly. I actually started and finished this little counted thread design from Hand Blessings.

Then there was shopping. I didn't hold back much on that. Here is a pic of the main items, but there was also a couple of vera bradley things and lots of threads for other projects to come. Some fabric for a couple of patterns I purchased online recently and little giftie items.

The Valdani threads in this pic are for Quaker Diamonds which I have had for a while and now I just need fabric. I will also have to finish the big piece I just started on our weekend. It is not really much of a start but it was a goal to get it basted on the scroll rods and make a start. Now I can leave it out to work on at home.

The fabric is actually moonglow a nice yellowy cream color so the pic is terrible. This will be the Blessings and Grace pineapple house blessing from Glendon Place that I have mentioned starting several times. It is stitched on 28ct over 2 with 1 strand of Simple Wool thread from Gentle Arts. So far I love working with the thread. It is so soft and not itchy like wool at all.

One more weekend photo.

 This was to be a weekend door prize as I had all 4 parts to the series, but it turned into a group round robin. So I have to go find fabric and get the first part complete and pass it on. A couple in the group will share a part so that we all have a hand in it. Maybe this can be a tradition and everyone can pick a series they like for us to stitch as a group. After a few dozen retreat weekends we could each have our own round robin pieces to display at home an remind us of these fun trips.

Where to next time gals?

Saturday, April 27, 2013

2 of 2 and a Giveaway too.

OK, so back from my stitching weekend and other than unpacking all my new goodies and catching up at work not much stitching was happened. But I did manage to get out and do a little more shopping.

This time I got a few clothes and even this great new purse.

I don't know why but I love the color.
After shopping I met up with my son for dinner and then the sky opened up. The hail was intense and lasted for a while. Here are pics from my yard after we managed to get back home.
out the front door, all the dark green on top is the leaves that were ripped of my tree.

DS posed to show how much hail accumulated in the corner of the house. (sorry so blurry it was dark out)

My backyard was completely covered by hail. It looked like snow. Crazy spring weather.
The bad part is that my car was parked at the restaurant during all this and is now covered in hail damage. Ugh! It is only two years old and I loved this car. It will never be the same.
 Just to end on a happier note. Here is a pic of my Lucky girl. When another blogger mentioned celebrating her puppies 5th birthday I thought Lucky should have a birthday to celebrate. Just because she was adopted and we don't really know it, shouldn't matter. So Lucky will be celebrating her 5th birthday (the vets guess) on May 1st.
I am going to celebrate Lucky's big day by having my first giveaway. It is this great Trail Creek Farms pillow kit. "Please and Thank You" and comes with all the buttons and bows needed to finish it off. You would have to supply the fabric and thread to stitch the design. But who knows what else may finds it's way into this giveaway package. (my little frog friend is only assisting in the picture taking and is not part of this give away).
Just leave a comment and I will include you in the drawing to be held on Lucky's birthday May 1st.
Good Luck, CJ in OK

Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Whole Month?

That's right, a whole month flew by without a post. My goal was to post once a week, so I will try to get back to that. But I was stitching some in that month.

I finished this fun springy Baltimore quilt inspired piece called Sylvania by Summer House stitche workes. I had just started it on my last post. Not sure how I will finish it up, but it was a fun easy stitch.

I also made good progress on this Friends piece by Jeannette Douglas. In fact I have quite a bit more done than this picture shows, only the over one "Friends" left to stitch, so I will wait to show you a new pic when it is finished.

The next two pics are my latest stash acquisitions. Both online orders for things I just couldn't resist and even a couple pieces of fabric with no real plans in mind.

The chart called Corona is another in the same series as the Sylvania piece I just finished, so I will probably start it as soon as I get the fabric. The Needleworker that several of you have already stitched, I am thinking of doing it over one because I found the perfect little cut of fabric in my stash, but we'll see.
I am on vacation for a few days and will be heading out to meet friends in Tulsa, just to stitch and shop for 4 days. Oh and there will be eating and chatting in abundance as well.
DS will be holding down the fort and take care of my little Lucky while I am off gallivanting. I have to take advantage because he will soon be headed for a place of his own and I won't have him right here to take care of everything when I am away.
I will pass on all my updates when I get home Monday, hoping for a couple of finishes, one I started that I haven't even shown you yet. And my big start will be the Pineapple Welcome from Glendon Place that I have had ready and waiting for a while. Hope everyone has a great weekend with at least a little stitch time.
Talk to you soon,
CJ in OK