Monday, April 02, 2012

Spring is flashing before my eyes.

Is it just me or does spring seem to be rushing past into summer a little early this year? Not to mention another week has flashed past too, without much to post.

I can't say I have much stitching to report, but I will share what I managed to do.

Here is my progress on Ida Mae Crow, what time I have had to work on this has been fun, The new magnifier clips on, I got it from Hobby Lobby with one of their 40% off coupons they post weekly. It's lighted and worked great at first but the light fades after being on for a while. Not a bad clip on magnifier though.

I did find fabric and made a little start on the Birds of a Feather chart I received. Love this Belle Soi thread. This is in my desk at work and I can take a few minutes during lunch to add a few stitches, a nice relaxer on a stressful day.

The only other stitchy thing I did was accumulate a couple more projects from the Inspired Needle, two of the 2012 Year of the Small kits she has put together. I admired the February one on several blogs, so I was happy to see where it came from and then I saw the Small Tokens from BBD that was picked for March and couldn't believe it wasn't already in my stash.

Before I sign off this evening, or morning sinces it's after midnight now, I will share another fish from our tank, or in this case fishes. We call them the twins, my sons theory is buy two fishes at a time because only one will make it, but we have a couple of pairs where both have done great. The twins are small but sassy and really brighten up the tank.

Happy Stitching CJ in OK