Monday, April 02, 2012

Spring is flashing before my eyes.

Is it just me or does spring seem to be rushing past into summer a little early this year? Not to mention another week has flashed past too, without much to post.

I can't say I have much stitching to report, but I will share what I managed to do.

Here is my progress on Ida Mae Crow, what time I have had to work on this has been fun, The new magnifier clips on, I got it from Hobby Lobby with one of their 40% off coupons they post weekly. It's lighted and worked great at first but the light fades after being on for a while. Not a bad clip on magnifier though.

I did find fabric and made a little start on the Birds of a Feather chart I received. Love this Belle Soi thread. This is in my desk at work and I can take a few minutes during lunch to add a few stitches, a nice relaxer on a stressful day.

The only other stitchy thing I did was accumulate a couple more projects from the Inspired Needle, two of the 2012 Year of the Small kits she has put together. I admired the February one on several blogs, so I was happy to see where it came from and then I saw the Small Tokens from BBD that was picked for March and couldn't believe it wasn't already in my stash.

Before I sign off this evening, or morning sinces it's after midnight now, I will share another fish from our tank, or in this case fishes. We call them the twins, my sons theory is buy two fishes at a time because only one will make it, but we have a couple of pairs where both have done great. The twins are small but sassy and really brighten up the tank.

Happy Stitching CJ in OK


Chris said...

It does seem like time is flying by.
The stitching is looking great. I love both projects!
Lovely new stash.
I hope that you and the twins have a great week. Thanks for making me smile this morning.

Carol said...

I love Miss Ida Mae--she looks adorable :) Really need to put mine on the stitching list for the summer!

Hope spring slows down for you and you can enjoy it a bit--we're back to very cook temperatures today in PA...

Bekca said...

I love the Spring weather, but it definitely goes by too fast. We're lucky to have such variation during the seasons here in the UK.
Fab stitching, Ida Mae is looking great.
Best wishes.

Tobie said...

Hey, it's good to see you back! Ida is so cute :-)

Keeper of the Crowes said...

I love your Ida Mae! She was such a fun stitch!!! I need to get her counterpart out of my stash and stitch him so she'll have some company. Birds of a Feather is in my stash so I'm anxious to see your progress. Have a great week stitching on your projects.

Sally said...

Ida Mae is coming along well. I love this one!

Spring has gone back to winter here in the UK. It's so cold today and some places have snow. We just have high winds and rain.

Dani - tkdchick said...

It's not been warm enough here to feel like spring is racing by!

Great stitchy progress

Meari said...

Ida Mae looks good, CJ. Don'tcha just love those 40% off coupons?

Cathy B said...

Thank you for your comment tonight. What have you been stitching on?