Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Whole Month?

That's right, a whole month flew by without a post. My goal was to post once a week, so I will try to get back to that. But I was stitching some in that month.

I finished this fun springy Baltimore quilt inspired piece called Sylvania by Summer House stitche workes. I had just started it on my last post. Not sure how I will finish it up, but it was a fun easy stitch.

I also made good progress on this Friends piece by Jeannette Douglas. In fact I have quite a bit more done than this picture shows, only the over one "Friends" left to stitch, so I will wait to show you a new pic when it is finished.

The next two pics are my latest stash acquisitions. Both online orders for things I just couldn't resist and even a couple pieces of fabric with no real plans in mind.

The chart called Corona is another in the same series as the Sylvania piece I just finished, so I will probably start it as soon as I get the fabric. The Needleworker that several of you have already stitched, I am thinking of doing it over one because I found the perfect little cut of fabric in my stash, but we'll see.
I am on vacation for a few days and will be heading out to meet friends in Tulsa, just to stitch and shop for 4 days. Oh and there will be eating and chatting in abundance as well.
DS will be holding down the fort and take care of my little Lucky while I am off gallivanting. I have to take advantage because he will soon be headed for a place of his own and I won't have him right here to take care of everything when I am away.
I will pass on all my updates when I get home Monday, hoping for a couple of finishes, one I started that I haven't even shown you yet. And my big start will be the Pineapple Welcome from Glendon Place that I have had ready and waiting for a while. Hope everyone has a great weekend with at least a little stitch time.
Talk to you soon,
CJ in OK

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