Sunday, March 17, 2013

St Patrick's Day

Happy St Patrick's Day
I really did spend a lot of time stitching or preparing to stitch things since this was a IHSW.

You know all that time we spend reviewing the patterns and collecting the threads, choosing and rechoosing a fabric that will work in both size and color. All of this is really a big part of the fun of cross stitching. Of course I always get side tracked by having to put away all the things from the last finished project. Ironing and planning the finishing work.

All of this is to explain why I have so little to show from my weekend devoted to cross stitch.

I did get a start on a new project from Summer House stitche workes called Sylvania, which is part of A Baltimore Bride series. I have ordered part two and thought I had better get going on this before the next one arrives. This is very simple with only three DMC colors to work with 2 over 2, but it has a very spring feel and was all in shades of green so very appropriate for today.

Spring is most definitely on the way the birds have been visiting even the little finches. They even let me hold the door open to get this picture, although they rushed off when I try to get a little closer.
I will give you one more look at the peacocks before I cut it apart to finish. I completed the little pin pillow stitching which I think will be cute. It will make a tiny biscornu about the size of a quarter. I read through all the finishing instructions and will give it all a try next weekend.

The final project only made it to the getting ready stage. It's from Jeannette Douglas Designs and is called Celtic Friend. She made it a challenge to figure out since all she gave was the DMC numbers and supplied the threads in the kit along with the charm and beads. It is very hard to know which color is which when all you have is numbers and a clump of threads. So I had to go find all the colors in my stash and then mark which threads are which by using this little thread palette. Not hard just time consuming. I think it will be worth it later, I like that a lot of this is blackwork.
Will update you on my progress soon, CJ in OK

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