Friday, March 01, 2013

What's New

This is a Little Easter from Lizzie Kate or will be when it is finished. I got this started to stitch on Tuesday evenings with friends but I couldn't seem to get there with weather and schedules so I picked it up a few times just for fun. Should have it finished soon. Those checks will have legs and beaks next time and the flowers will have vines to connect them.

Here is what's up with my Border Study in Red II.

I made it past the numbers and will be starting the Assisi section right after this squiggly row. I am having so much fun with this. The ilets slowed me up some but so will this Assisi section so it may be a couple of weeks for another update on this.

Lastly is the Peacock and you would think it would be all put together by now but I decided to stitch a little pin pillow to go with it. It will be shaped like the center flower at the top but twice as big and using all the colors from the peacocks. But here it is before any of that gets started. I just couldn't waste that fabric you know.

The silks for the La-D-Da smile design are in so I will be starting that this weekend. Will be back to update you sometime next week.

And if I didn't say so before I just love reading and seeing all your blog posts. They keep me going and I try to post comments to as many as I can fit in. Everything is so pretty and creative. All of you have such grand plans, so I will stay tuned.

Happy Stitching CJ in OK

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