Monday, February 18, 2013

IHSW Results in OK

Well things didn't go quite as planned, but when do they ever. I did manage some concentrated stitching and some real quiet time Saturday morning.

Here's what I accomplished during that time.

This is the back side of the peacock fob and though it doesn't look like much it took a couple of hours to stitch.
Then I was on dog watch duty for the rest of the day. But the results are that little Lucky got her tube out this morning and is healing nicely.
And by this evening she had her spunk back.
Someone ask about the frame I purchased in Tulsa, so here is a quick shot of how it works. I just tossed on some fabric for a demo, but you can see my forearm will cradle nicely in the curve of the side bar. It also sits up when not stitching, which keeps things clean and out of any near by messes. (Lucky!)

My threads for the Little Easter design I had just started came in the mail, so I will take that with me tomorrow in hopes of getting away from work early to stitch with friends.
My only other acheivement this weekend was on Border Study in Red II and it was such small progress that I will wait to post a picture another time.
It was fun to be a part of the IHSW and I will mark my calendar for the next one to be sure.
CJ in OK

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