Sunday, March 10, 2013

2 Finishes and 1 Start

Well this is rare for me. I actually have two finishes and only one new start. I am sure I will remedy that in no time. But first things first.
Faster than I had expected I have "Red Border Study II" from Heron House Designs completed. This was very fun, and once I decided to make it my "at home" main project it went really quickly.

The framed one on the right, as you can see, is the one I did some time ago that I found in a magazine. They offered the part II as a companion piece you could order. I have never liked the framing on this one, a DIY project of mine. So I am looking forward to having them both framed to match. Some day, there will be one for each of my children's homes.

With this finish I was able to get started, a little, on the La-D-Da piece for my dentist called "My Pocket"

My Pocket_sm

This is being done on the 35ct Weeks Dye Works linen called Tin Roof, over 2 with one strand of Needlepoint Inc. silk, as called for on the pattern. 
Finally, it's no surprise I finished up "A Little Easter" designed by Lizzie*Kate, since it was very close to finished last weekend. This was fun and I am really going to try and finish-finish this up before this Easter. Maybe a box or flat fold finish, we'll see.
I also have a few other "Little" designs from Lizzie*Kate so I may try to fit them all in this year. They are fun little projects and come with the fabric and button.

Now, I have no reason not to get started on my Pineapple Welcome project from Glendon Place. So I may try to get a real start on that by next Friday and Saturday, if none of the new things I ordered don't sidetrack me. Yes, that's right, I ordered a few new things. I just couldn't resist, Lizzie*Kate's a Needleworker for one. I will share them all when they arrive next week.

Talk to you again soon, until then, Happy Stitching.
CJ in OK

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