Sunday, February 05, 2012

A Golden Oldie

I was rummaging around looking for something  - FYI, I recently moved so I am still trying to organize and find everything  - and I came across this old, I mean 1984 old, design that I started stitching a few years ago. I still liked the saying and thought the border would be fun to stitch, plus the green works with the decor and I could really use something new to add to the walls in my new place.

It was designed by Pam Waters under the name Country Crafts and called Graduation Gift, although I am sure it is no longer available anywhere. I'd be happy to send it to someone after I am done stitching, just let me know.
 I had the words mostly done when I found it, so I finished up the saying and was able to make some real headway on the border, with only a few minutes here and there over the last two days to stitch.

Also in the mix right now is a design called Men of Baltimore from Cherry Wood Design Studios. It was a free pattern I saw stitched somewhere and I picked up the precut fabric. It's been fun and fast to work on with the Smyrna stitches and checked fabric. The four white blobs will be snowmen looking up as soon as I stitch on their orange noses, hence the name Men if Baltimore. I actually thought it was some kind of patriotic (red, white and blue) design when I first saw it.

Anyone who happens to read my blog, please let me know what type of finish you think would work for this.

The only other pic I had to share is a finish I had back in October of 2011. I finished stitching it while at a little local retreat we call "Just for Fun". Several friends from a few neighboring states drive in and we get a local hotel to provide a meeting room in exchange for the 5 to 10 rooms we take up. Then we stitch, and catch up, along with shopping and eating out for a few days.

I just popped the piece in the frame I intend to use, but I haven't mounted this yet (it won't be that crooked later, I hope). This piece was hung on our wall of honor at the retreat. It's a privilege we award to any stitched piece that is finished during our weekend together, and since I am a slow stitcher and a fast talker, I rarely add anything to the wall.  Maybe I will actually get it framed before we meet again in April.

Off to stitch this afternoon and evening while all the super bowl hub bub is going on. I already did my cross stitch sale shopping first thing this morning. A couple of new Lizzie Kate designs and part three of a La-D-Da series that just finished up. I even snagged, on clearance, a Raise the Roof collaboration with Crescent Colours called Libertyville. The stash is always in flux, I will either have to finish a few more projects, or get rid of some more of the older stash items.

Happy Stitching,
CJ in OK ;-)

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