Sunday, January 27, 2013

In Progress for 2013

So happy to be able to share another finish. I actually finished this only about a week into the New Year, but just now got the picture taken and uploaded.

I started this one some time ago (maybe about 2 years) the pattern was from a magazine and a friend had this large hank of overdyed silk that someone had given her so she shared large amounts with several of us. The minute I saw the silk, I knew it would be perfect for this pattern, even though the magazine had shown it done in green. When I got home, I found I had this piece of overdyed linen that had purple hues over a blue gray linen. The silk also had this purple hue over a deep red or burgundy. I loved the two together and a project was born.

Although my home does not exactly have a victorian flare, I still loved the pattern, and really enjoyed stitching on this when I could. I will try to get it framed by next winter, and proudly hang it in my home regardless of the style.

Victorian Skaters
Finished January 2013
OK, I also promised to share the few projects I am actively working on right now. I have three of them. The first is The Border Study in Red II, which is a part II of one that I finished and framed a long time ago. I've had the pattern and thread for a while, and even purchased the platinum linen that matched exactly with the Border Study I. But for some reason other projects seemed more interesting. This fall when gathering projects for a weekend gathering of stitching friends I saw this and decided it was the perfect time to get it started. Even though I had taken along a couple of smaller projects that were fun to work on, I did get this started in October, barely, just the first two bands. Once the Victorian Skaters were finished earlier this month, I began finding this to be my favorite at home project. I always love how fast an alphabet goes. I'm about a third of the way down.
Border study in Red II
started October 2012
Next in a design from Cross Eyed Cricket (Vicki Hastings) called Harvest Sampler. It's small and easy to carry to a Tuesday evening gathering, with a few local stitchers, when I can go. I love the saying and picked up some fabric for it back in October. I think I first started it in early December, but haven't made it to stitch with the girls in a while so not much progress. Maybe I can give it a little time tomorrow.

Harvest Sampler
started December 2012
The last one I have out to work on, is a pretty little, over one, sissor fob design. It's from a designer named Nancy Backus, and I think, I picked up the pattern at the 2011 Celebration of Needlework in St Louis. I found a piece of linen that I liked for it and there was enough to do the front and back designs so I started this too. It is very small and I can only see it well in the early morning when my eyes are fresh, so only a little progress on this, but I am not giving up on it. That peacock looks fun.
Birds and Flowers
started December 2012
I also signed up for something new. A fabric auto, where I will get a fat 1/4 of 36 count linen from Picture This Plus every month. The first piece has already arrived, and now I am on the search in my stash, for the perfect project to stitch on it.
It's late and I have to stitch tomorrow, so night all.
CJ in OK


Nicola said...

Will done on completing this charming piece. How will you be finishing it?

Chris said...

Lovely finish. I really like the monochromes.
I love all your other projects too. Have a great week!

Siobhán said...

Wow CJ, lovely pieces! I think the skating couple are timeless and it wouldn't matter what style your house is. It'll be a nice piece for the winter.

Mary said...

Lovely finish and will look great on display! Great WIPs, too!

Dani - tkdchick said...

That's a lovely finish CJ, congrats!

Shari said...

your finish is beautiful! I also am not really into a victorian theme, but that piece would have caught my eye as well....
Love your starts also & oh my! A PTP fabric of the month...have fun! I have done that for a few years, but had to drop out of it this year.

Karen said...

I LOVE the Victorian skaters! The thread and fabric blend perfectly!

Carol said...

That's such a pretty finish, CJ! I think Victorian themed pieces are just wonderful at Christmas time! Your WIPs are so pretty, too--you obviously love red :)

Lynn said...

Hi CJ,

Thankyou for the lovely comment on my blog. Yes you are right I probably won't stick to stitching just the Santa's Village!

I love your works in progress.